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Women Empowerment Cell

To protect and safeguard the rights of girl students and to bring about growth and development, and to empower them, “WOMEN Empowerment Cell” was instituted on 8-03-2013, under the chairmanship of Dr.P.Kanniappan, Chairman, Agni School of Business Excellence, Vadamadurai. Mrs.B.Jayanthi is the Coordinator for the Cell and all teaching and non teaching women staff constitutes the members of the committee. The aim of the cell is to create awareness among girl students about their duties and rights and to provide a Conducive environment for women staffs and students. The Women Cell has been engaged in organizing various activities such as lectures, seminars, movies, panel discussions, elocution, role plays, games etc., promoting gender equality and gender amity. A program under a title “Health & Hygiene for Women” was conducted in the campus on April 5th 2013.

A special e-mail account was created to encourage girl students to complain to the cell. Counseling is provided to all the students on Physical, Emotional, Social, Academic, Family/Personal & Psychological issues. Redressal of grievances of students and staffs are put forth before the cell.

Objectives of Women Empowerment Cell:

➽ To provide needed facilities to girl students of the college.

➽ To provide guidance in academic & other competitive examinations.

➽ To promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non teaching women staff of ASBEX.

➽ To conduct Guest Lecturers’ by eminent people in different fields.

➽ To encourage girls students to develop confidence.

➽ To organize various types of training programmes and create awareness about self-employment schemes for the encouragement of self-reliance among women.

➽ To organize workshops for personality development.