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Students Club

Arthashastra- Students’ Club

Clubs promote critical thinking, identity exploration, collaboration, organization, and pursuit of excellence that transpires when students participate in club activities. At ASBEX education is a journey of exploring both the self and the world around. It goes beyond the confines of classroom and curriculum. In order to promote the wholesome personal and academic development of its students, the institute has set up a number of activities covering diverse interests, ranging from Marketing, Finance and HR. Arthashastra organizes various events and workshops throughout the year which ensures that the extra-curricular scenario at ASBEX is always dynamic and exciting.

“Ishikawa” – The Quality Circle Club of ASBEX

The Quality Circle Club of ASBEX is named after the father and pioneer of the “Quality Circles” Japanese organisational theorist, Prof. Kaoru Ishikawa. Ishikawa builds awareness and brings in the contribution of the students and public in creating hygienic environment.

“Pelicula” – The Movie Club of ASBEX

“Pelicula” is a Spanish word which literally means “Movie”. “Pelicula” of ASBEX screens some of the best classic and business movies to familiarize the students to the nuances of business and society through their preferred and desired medium.