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EWL Scheme

The ASBEX has launched Earn While Learn Scheme, under which students would get a chance to earn during their MBA programme. Students who want to have practical experience or those who want to meet their own expenses would be benefited from the scheme. Students would be able to get part time assignments from corporate houses during their MBA Programme under the scheme.

This concept is very popular in US, UK, Canada and Australia, where students get work permits for 20 hours a week and earn handsome remunerations. Interestingly, most of the Indian students studying abroad meet their educational and living expenses by doing part time work. Though the concept is yet to pick up in India, However, with the rising cost of education as well as living expenses, the concept is becoming a necessity for needy students.

ASBEX has already started contacting various corporate houses to fulfill their short-term human resource requirements. Selected students would get 20 hours training during their holidays and would be able to work part time for the company.

The scheme is an innovative initiative for young graduates and it is the best possible way to teach a student through practical experiences along with theoretical knowledge while studying.

In-house assignments from corporate during holidays.

Part-time Assignments from corporate on Research & Data cleansing.

Part-time Assignments from corporate houses on Market Research and Channel Development.

Providing facilities to do the Internship Projects in corporate houses with Stipend.