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Mrs. K. Vallinayaki

Social Activist

Dear aspiring students,ASBEX -the hub of knowledge and wisdom consistently explore the possible ways of nurturing the younger generation to attain academic and career excellence. This consistency has been achieved by investing in better faculty and by creating world class infrastructure to impart learning of the highest order. We persist to strengthen our systems and the quality of teaching. We prepare the students to manage work life balance efficiently by integrating wellness and personality development into the rigour of the academics. In ASBEX, we stress on modern techniques in learning to make the graduates competitive in the global market. Experts from industry and academia are invited to share their views and experiences with the students. ASBEX is a place to cherish joyful learning unified with the friendly culture and approach for all its students. With immense pleasure I welcome you to join and contribute to our journey towards exploring new frontiers in Global Business Management.

Mr. P.K. Parthasarathi

Vice Chairman

Dear aspiring students, I welcome you all to ASBEX- an intellectual environment supported by regular student centered activities, to give life to the aspiring dreams of the budding managers. The academic programme in Management is offered with an objective of enabling the students to master in business activities. I extend hearty invitation to you to be a part of dynamic learning process at ASBEX and discover yourself as market ready manager. I also take immense pride by offering these budding managers and leaders to the corporate world. I invite you all to experience a distinct business school environment.